Grange Road Methodist Church is a collection point for food items we have a collection basket at our office at Tankerville Street. Please make your donations non-perishable and well dated. All food collected will be given to the Hartlepool food bank to help feed local people in crisis.
Thank you for your support we as a Church appreciate your kind donations.

please think about others, your support to foodbank is very much needed please donate every little helps.

Today, across the UK people are going hungry. Many are struggling to feed there children, parents are skipping meals, people are choosing between eating and heating as food and fuel prices rise. The Hartlepool food bank is run in partnership with local Hartlepool Churches Together. The food bank network is part of the Trussell trust, a Christian charity committed to community action against poverty. 

For people on low incomes, a sudden crisis – redundancy, benefit delay or even a unexpected bill can mean going hungry. We always take time to listen and signpost people to get further support. Please help feed Local People in crisis by buying items from our list and donating them to the Hartlepool food bank.

UHT or Powdered Milk ~ Sugar  ~ Fruit Juice ~ Soup ~ Pasta Sauces ~ Cereals
Tinned Sponge Pudding / Custard  ~ Tinned Rice Pudding ~ Teabags/Instant Coffee ~ Instant Mash Potatoes
Baby Food ~ Tinned Meat/Fish ~ Tinned Vegetables ~ Tinned Fruit ~ Jam – Chocolate Spread ~ Biscuits/Snack Bars ~ Toiletries

For more info on the Hartlepool foodbank contact them direct, you can find contact details and more information at there Website: