Congratulations to you both

Your wedding day is the beginning of a new journey together as husband & wife, we hope to help give you the best start possible.
The marriage service & everything you need to know for your forthcoming wedding at Grange Road Methodist Church.

Our Minister will advise you and answer any questions you may have, giving you a deeper understanding of what a Church wedding really means,
also help you feel relaxed & prepared for your special day

Our Church can be accessed through the main doors on Grange Road there is also a ramp for disabled access. Inside there are static rows of wooden pews with cushions, there is a downstairs and upstairs seating area,
This is a large very light and welcoming Church, It is a beautiful place for a Wedding service.

If you are interested in booking our Church for your special day contact the minister for more information.

Marriage preparation is provided by the Methodist ministers at the church of choice.  The Methodist Church is generally willing to marry people who have been divorced, while their previous spouse is still alive, as long as there are not major obvious reasons why it would be inappropriate to do so. The minister will usually meet with you and advise you on registering your marriage with the registry office.

People wanting to marry in church don’t have to be members of the church, but most ministers will ask them why they wish to marry in church. A church marriage is a solemn Christian ceremony, with prayers, promises and Bible readings reflecting on Christian understandings of what marriage is about. Ministers will look for a genuine desire on the part of a couple to take their marriage seriously along the lines set out in the service. Discussing what this means in practice will be part of the marriage preparation.

Big Decisions in life take time, so what ever you choose for your special day good luck with your planning.